Our Model


The String Theory Vision

String Theory Schools believe that creation is the imagination at work.  The String Theory model is designed to train students to perform in life. We are committed to cultivating an educational environment where students are interested, engaged, innovative, and productive.


The Arts and Sciences are vital components to the String Theory education.  We promote students to hone the ability to create and to be creative, to inspire and to be inspired.  String Theory Schools offer life experience, academics, and the arts, forming a well-rounded educational approach.  


The vision of String Theory Schools is to provide the opportunity for students to explore their interests in the arts, language, science and/or technology that will prepare them for postsecondary studies or for a faster entry into related occupations through a proven model of excellence.  The balance between artistic development and academic preparation is at the heart of our philosophy.

String Theory Majors Program

String Theory Schools Majors program is an accelerated model that is part of our unique, core curriculum.  Starting at the middle school level, students are required to enroll in a Major, which is a rigorous discipline of study either in the Sciences or the Arts.  Based on the multi-intelligences, the Majors program is designed for students to gain valuable and authentic experiences by discovering individual pathways for learning and creating.


Major courses are an integral and inspirational component of the student’s day.  To prepare students for the Majors program at the elementary level, students in grades K-4 receive daily instruction in the performing arts, fine arts, foreign languages, and science in addition to traditional academic courses.  Fifth grade students select two majors courses to take each week. Middle and high school students spend 90 minutes per day in one Major.  Commitment to the Major over the course of the student’s academic career cultivates discipline and expertise within his/her field of study and is a catalyst for choosing a future career path.       

Redefining the Classroom

String Theory Schools learning spaces are designed to activate the wonder, innovation, and art within our community, school, world, and selves.  Our school model reinforces the notion that students must feel safe and secure in order to reach their full potential for creation and productivity.  String Theory Schools strive to bring the world of possibilities to its students by offering spaces for learning, inventing, collaborating, creating, and performing that will stimulate and inspire our students so that, in turn, the students will inspire us.

Mobile First

Learning surpasses the confines of the textbook.  At String Theory Schools, students and teachers employ technology to enhance creativity, rigor, and access to information and discovery.


String Theory teachers are course designers, creative problem solvers, avid researchers, collaborative team members, and authorities about instructional strategies and best practices for delivering content as it relates to curriculum standards and student needs.  Teachers collaborate with students to determine workflows using apps for writing, reading, creating, solving and more.  As a result, our students cultivate the skillsets to become content curators, resources creators, and designers in best practices.  Collaboration is key to the success of a mobile first model.  No information or learner has to stand alone.

“I am certain that after the dust of centuries has passed over our cities, we too will be remembered not for victories or defeats in battle or politics, but for our contribution to the human spirit.”

~John F. Kennedy